Help with spelling is a vital assistance for anyone with Dyslexia in their everyday lives. Dyslexic students have had a voice in the school system for some time now too. Teachers want to see them excel and move forward in their grade level. Spelling skills are one of the most important that people need to follow in school.
Follow the video and find out how to teach spelling skills appropriately as well. Dyslexic students may require a lot of help when it comes to that particular skill. A little tutoring and teaching will help dyslexic students develop the right skills that they need. Parents and students appreciate the help that they have received up to that point.
Author “One of the things that I do…is to create materials that work materials taht kids are engaged in that kids can make progress with and actually pinpoint specific skills to be working on and at the same time improve different areas of perception”

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexic spelling is a consistent problem all throughout the school setting. Students may forget how to spell certain words, which can limit their progress along the way.
Parents are getting concerned about student progress in each grade they follow. Students with Dyslexia tend to miss keywords while they are reading sentences.
Dyslexic students have their own story to share when it comes to their reading challenges. Benefit from their example in the classroom setting as they tend to advance.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension - Comprehension Skills

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